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Parkavonear Castle

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Parkavonear Castle

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Only a few minutes walking distance from Aghadoe viewing point and just off to the side of Aghadoe Cathedral, Parkavonear Castle is a 13th century Anglo Norman castle ruin. The castle was built following the Anglo-Norman invasion in 1169 where a Norman conqueror wished to defend his new found territory.

Parkavonear is somewhat unique in that there was only a handful built in this way; it is a two story cylinder shape rather than rectangle. The walls are 2m wide with a staircase joining the upper floor built within the wall as you enter the castle on the left hand side. It is believed that two stories is all the castle ever was judging from how the staircase ends. Evidence of a fireplace was found on the second story and perhaps the main entrance to the castle was also found on this level, as was the common defence mechanism of the round tower construction during that period.

The views of the area are incredible from Aghadoe, with stunning panoramic views of the lakes and mountains.

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Aghadoe, Killarney, Co. Kerry

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