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Mountain Climbing

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Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrauntoohill standing tall at 1,038m, is a challenging but rewarding ascent offering spectacular views of the Iveragh and Dingle peninsulas, the Killarney Valley and as far as the Galtees and the Clare coastline.

Carrauntoohill cradles three bowl-shaped valleys, each housing their own lake; to the South is Curragh More, to the East you will find Hag’s Glen and to the West is Coomloughra.

A magnificent a steel cross standing at 5 metres was erected in 1976 and is still standing today to meet you as you reach the summit.

MacGillycuddy Reeks

Prepare yourself to experience some of the most breathtaking and dramatic scenery born in nature.

Hiking in Ireland doesn’t get more exciting than taking on the McGillycuddy Reeks; conquering a total of 11 peaks with a 6,000ft ascent. This walk is only advised for the experienced mountaineer as it takes in knife edged ridges and scrambling across exposed rock faces.

The walk begins in the Glencar area with the first climb on Caher West (970m), followed by Caher Summit (1001m), Carrauntoohil (1039m), and then on to Cnoc na Toinne (845m), Cnoc na Chuillin (958m), Maolan Bui (973m), Cnoc na Peista (983m), The Big Gun (939m), Chruach Mhoir (932m), Cnoc na Phraca (760m) and finishing in the Gap of Dunloe with Strickeen (450m).


Mangerton offers a difficult mountain loop trail around a classic corrie lake with spectacular views of Killarney, the Reeks and the Paps. A steep ascent along the mountain track leads to the Devils Punchbowl , an oval shaped lake nestled in the middle of the mountain. This is followed by a tough but spectacular trek to the summit to re join the track on the other side of the Punchbowl.

Parking is available on the roadside, however care must be taken not to block the entrance of private residents.

The Paps

Ancient trails lead the way to The Paps of Danú, two cone shaped peaks that provide excellent views of the Killarney Valley as well as the Caha and Boggeragh mountains. A gentle stroll along a bog road leads to steep ascents of both peaks.

Steeped Archaeology and folklore, the Paps is where the pre-Christians celebrated the Summer Solstice Pagan festival. The area is surrounded in oak forests which is believed to have been a popular spot for hunting with Irish Wolf Hounds.

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