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Tomies & Purple Mountain

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Tomies & Purple Mountain

Distance: 9.5km
Duration: 4 hours
Route type: Return/Loop
Buggy/wheelchair friendly: No
Surface types: Open Mountain (No Trail), Open Bogland, Tarred Road
Points of interest: Views of Reeks, Black Valley, Gap of Dunloe, Top of Purple Mountain, Views of Reeks, Black Valley, Killarney Valley, Iveragh and Beara Peninsulas, Top of Tomies, Views of Dingle Peninsula and Killarney Lakes

Finding a beautiful walking trail in Killarney is by no means difficult. Tomies is one of those walks not to be missed on your visit. Begin the first climb to Gortadirr (479m), followed by Tomies Summit (735m) and then on to Purple Mountain (757m).

Each step will be worth the scenic beauty you will be surrounded by as you tower over some of the most infamous views of Killarney Lakes & Valley.

The final descent embarks to the wondrous Gap of Dunloe, an area that needs no introduction.

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