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Torc Mountain

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Torc Mountain

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Easy Activity Moderate Activity Family Activity Parking Available Distance: 8km
Duration: 2.5/3 hours
Route type: Return/Loop
Buggy/wheelchair friendly: No
Surface types: Pathway, Boardwalk
Points of interest: Old Torc Bridge, Family Tree Plantation, View of Famine Fields and Friar’s Glen, Views of Killarney Lakes & Valley and throughout Southwest

Your journey to reach the top of Torc can begin at either the lower or upper car park. For those looking to take in the Waterfall and Torc steps, parking is advised in the lower car park.

After a short distance in the cobbled forestry, you will reach a beautiful open space with mountains guiding your every move. A sign on the right side of the road marks the base of the summit; the track is mostly composed of sleepers which make it a very enjoyable walk, suitable for families and those who wish to take in the sights at an easy/ moderate level.

Don’t forget to look around at every opportunity as you will be greeted with views of Killarney’s lakes, valleys, the Famine Fields where legend has it the famine potato crops are still intact and glorious panoramic views of the National Park.

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