Experience the Social Soul of Killarney

Festivals, Food, Friends, and Fun

Killarney is the place where the Irish spirit shines brightest, where friendships are forged, and where laughter fills the air.

From friends on a getaway weekend and groups who revel in outdoor adventures, to families celebrating special occasions, you’ll experience warm and genuine Killarney hospitality.

Friends on a fun-filled weekend will find endless enjoyment in our lively bars, vibrant restaurants and traditional music and culture festivals. Each setting offers a chance to create shared memories over good food, great music, and the infectious Killarney spirit.

For those who bond over the love of nature and outdoor adventures, our kayaking, hiking, and cycling routes are not just about the thrill of the adventure, but also about the shared experiences and connections forged amidst our majestic and mysterious landscapes.

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And when it comes to family celebrations, Killarney provides the perfect backdrop. From cosy family meals in our restaurants to memorable gatherings in our traditional pubs, we offer the perfect spaces for you to celebrate your special moments.

Killarney is waiting to welcome you with open arms!

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